The Pul-Man has been designed for the more advanced restorer. It can be used by those who have gained sufficient growth of skin to half cover the glans (head of the penis), when the penis is in the flaccid state.

What is it?
As the name suggests, it is a device which needs some form of tension to be applied to it. i.e. A weight or an elastic strap. The Pul-Man consists of an outer ring with a wire handle and a separate central conical plug. The foreskin is pulled up through the hole in the outer ring and folded outwards over the ring. With the skin held in this position, the plug is inserted into the foreskin and then the skin is released. An elastic strap or weight is attached to the wire handle to tension the device. There is hole through the centre of the plug to facilitate urination. A safety tether is provided to anchor the plug to the outer ring.

How does it work?
The foreskin is held between the conical hole in the outer ring and the conical plug. The plug self-centres within the foreskin, and as tension is applied to the outer ring, the skin trying to pull out of the bottom of the device, pulls the plug down into the ring. This movement applies a gentle gripping action onto the foreskin and holds it in place.

How long can I wear it?
It is possible to wear the Pul-Man 20 or more hours a day. However, it is advisable to take it off for a period of an hour or so once or twice a day. This rest period removes any slight blood flow restriction and keeps the skin in good condition. It is important to wash your penis regularly and at the same time, apply a non greasy, water based skin cream to the shaft skin.

The device is custom made on a lathe from PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) plastic rod. "PVC has been used for more than 40 years in medical products which have greatly improved the health and well being of hundreds of millions of patients", quote from EUCOMED report PVC for Medical Products EFG (24.11.99).

The advantages of the Pul-Man.
* No sticky tape!
* Light and comfortable to wear.
* It can be worn for 20 or more hours a day.
* Most activities including jogging, gardening, and D.I.Y. are no problem.
* Can be worn unobtrusively especially under a Track suit.

Device photo: