Start 2 finish


What is it?
This restoration aid is of the insertion type. The conical end of the device is placed over the end of the penis and the shaft skin is pulled forward over it, and held in place by a plastic ring. There is hole through the centre of the plug to facilitate urination. An elastic safety tether is provided to anchor the parts together and to clothing, so that should the foreskin slip out of the retaining ring there will be no embarrassment caused by the parts falling to the floor. The tether provides a safety line for those who wish to wear Boxer shorts and also it makes it more comfortable, when wearing Briefs.
N.B. This tether is not used to tension the device, it is just for safety, comfort and supporting some of the weight of the penis.
The Start 2 Finish can be expanded using 6mm (1/4") thick spacers (included in the kit). This enables 9 sizes of fitting to be made, and should enable the restorer to re-grow his foreskin sufficiently to completely cover his glans, when his penis is flaccid.

How does it work?
It promotes the growth of new skin, by holding both the inside skin and the outer shaft skin in a lightly stretched state. After the plastic ring is put in place to hold the skin in position, the inside and outside skin can each be eased up through the ring using the finger tips and adjusted for equal tension. The length of time that the device is worn, greatly influences the speed of skin growth. It is comfortable to wear, and therefore can be worn for extended periods of time. The wearer soon forgets that he is wearing a restoration device.

Is it suitable for beginners starting restoration?
The first or smallest size is suitable for beginners provided that they have not been ‘tightly cut’. i.e. There is some mobility of the shaft skin during an erection. In some cases it might be necessary to use a tape strap for a few months just to get to the right starting point.

How long can I wear it?
A new restorer should be able to wear it for 12 to 16 hours a day. However, it is not advisable to wear the first size at night, as there will not be sufficient skin to accommodate nocturnal erections. When progress has been made so that size 2 or 3 can be worn during the day, it should be possible to wear size 1 at night. Always wear a device one or two sizes smaller at night time.

How long does restoration take?
The 9 device sizes contained in the ‘Start 2 Finish’ kit, increase in length by steps of 6mm (1/4”). The designer of ‘Start 2 Finish’ used it for nearly a year, and found that he could progress to the next size every 2 to 3 months.

The device is custom made on a lathe from PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) plastic rod. "PVC has been used for more than 40 years in medical products which have greatly improved the health and well being of hundreds of millions of patients", quote from EUCOMED report – PVC for Medical Products – EFG (24.11.99).

The advantages of an insertion type device.
* No sticky tape!
* Light and comfortable to wear.
* No feeling of continual tugging on the penis.
* After initial progress, it can be worn for 20 or more hours a day.
* Most activities including jogging, gardening, and D.I.Y. are no problem.
* Can be worn unobtrusively.
* Generally during the day, the wearer forgets that he is wearing a device.

Device photos:
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